Oxypeltidae (11)
Disteniidae (15)
Vesperidae (24)
Prioninae (303)
Lepturinae (225)
Spondylidinae (32)
Cerambycinae (630)
Lamiinae (721)
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Worldwide Cerambycoidea

These pages have been created only to help entomologists with the determination of cerambycid species.
Since this family has more than 20,000 species, errors in their identification are possible.
In this case, I ask you to notice me the right determination.

Most pictures have been taken on the Internet from not-commercial pages; however, they are supposed not to be covered by copyright.
In any case, if known, the author was clearly printed on the picture.
Navigation of this site is free; nevertheless pictures cannot be used or sold without written permission by the owner of the copyright.
If you like to contribute to this site, send me your pictures and they will be published.

Enjoy yourselves!

Francesco Vitali