ENTOMAPEIRON is the refereed magazine that allows to all the entomologists and paleoentomologists to publish without constraints in a small amount of time.

ENTOMAPEIRON consists of two separate sections: PALEOENTOMOLOGY, dedicated to fossilized insects and NEOENTOMOLOGY dedicated to living insects.

Its name derives from two Old-Greek words: Entomos, which means insect, and Apeiron, which means without borders. The latter word was used by Anaximandros to design the universe. This Greek philosopher, who lived in the 6th century BC, was the first man to have recognized the fossils as organisms that really lived in the past and not as simply products of the earth.

ENTOMAPEIRON, the Entomology without borders, is also a tribute to the first, even if underestimated, palaeontologist of the History.