Entomapeiron Paleoentomology
Francesco Vitali - Elaphidion inclusum Entomapeiron Paleoentomology 3(1): 1-16

Francesco Vitali
Systematic revision of the fossil cerambycids from Geiseltal (Coleoptera Cerambycidae)

The fossil cerambycid species from Geiseltal (Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany, Middle Eocene) are analysed. Xyleoconites proavus Haupt, 1950, is transferred from Prioninae incertae sedis to Prioninae Macrotomini, while Eocallidium rugulosus HAUPT, 1950, corrected in Eocallidium rugulosum HAUPT, 1950, is transferred to Tenebrionidae.

Francesco Vitali
A new species of Tyrtaeus Champion, 1913 from Dominican amber (Coleoptera Tenebrionidae)

Tyrtaeus cupreorutilans nov. sp., a new fossil darkling beetle from Dominican amber (Early Miocene), is described. A comparison of this new species to their extant and fossil congeners is presented.

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Francesco Vitali - Elaphidion inclusum Entomapeiron Paleoentomology 2(3): 29-40

Francesco Vitali
A new fossil species of Elaphidion Audinet-Serville, 1834 with systematic notes on the Lamiinae from Dominican amber (Coleoptera Cerambycidae)

A new fossil species, Elaphidion inclusum nov. sp. (Elaphidiini), included in Dominican amber (Early Miocene) is described. The genus Pterolophosoma Vitali, 2005 (Dominican amber, Early Miocene) is transferred from Lamiinae incertae sedis to the tribe Desmiphorini Lacordaire, 1872. The systematic position of Paleohemilophus dominicanus Martins & Galileo, 1998 (Dominican amber, Early Miocene) is analysed, stating its very close relationship with the North American genus Hemierana Aurivillius, 1923.

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Xavier BellÚs & Francesco Vitali - Coleoptera Ptinidae Entomapeiron Paleoentomology 2(2): 17-28

Xavier BellÚs & Francesco Vitali
New fossil spider beetles from Baltic amber
(Coleoptera Ptinidae)

Two new fossil spider beetles, Sucinoptinus sucini nov. gen. nov. sp. and Ptinus (Gynopterus) inclusus nov. sp., included in Baltic amber (Late Eocene) are described. Remarks on these species, on their relationships with the extant Ptinidae, and on their possible association with coniferous forests, are provided.

ISBN-13 978-88-87400-05-2
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Corticeus Tenebrionidae Entomapeiron Paleoentomology 2(1): 1-16

Francesco Vitali
A new species of Corticeus Piller & Mitterpacher, 1783 from Dominican amber (Coleoptera Tenebrionidae)

Corticeus tertiarius nov. sp., a new fossil tenebrionid-species from Dominican amber (Early Miocene) is described. A comparison of this new species to their extant congeners is presented.

Francesco Vitali
About some sub-fossil Glaucytini included in Malagasy copal (Coleoptera Cerambycidae)

The discovery of two sub-fossil specimens of Iresioides ferox Thomson, 1858 included in Malagasy copal is reported. Ibidion alienum Quedenfeldt, 1885 from Malagasy copal, whose type is currently lost, is tentatively recognised as another sub-fossil specimen of this species. Consequently, Iresioides ferox is recognised as being an older synonym of Ibidion alienum nov. syn.

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Spondylidinae Entomapeiron Paleoentomology 1(3): 29-44

Francesco Vitali
Taxonomic, biological and evolutionistic notes on the Spondylidinae included in Baltic amber (Coleoptera Cerambycidae)

The fossil Spondylidinae described so far in Baltic amber are analysed.
Nothorrhina granulicollis Zang, 1905 is corrected in Nothorhina granulicollis Zang, 1905. The genus Palaeoasemum Abdullah, 1967 is recognised as a younger synonym of Nothorhina Redtenbacher, 1845. Palaeoasemum crowsoni Abdullah, 1967 and P. duffyi Abdullah, 1967 are recognised as younger synonyms of N. granulicollis. Spondylis crassicornis Giebel, 1856, whose type is lost, must be considered as Cerambycidae incertae sedis. The biology, the geonemy and the palaeohistory of N. granulicollis are here proposed in relationship with those of the extant congeners.

ISBN-10 88-87400-03-2; ISBN-13 978-88-87400-03-8
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Entomapeiron Paleoentomology 1(2): 13-28

Francesco Vitali
About two Batrachorhina-species included in Malagasy copal (Coleoptera Cerambycidae)

The discovery of two sub-fossil specimens of Batrachorhina lateritia (Fairmaire, 1894) and B. nervulata (Fairmaire, 1894) (Lamiinae, Pteropliini) included in Malagasy copal is reported. The latter species is considered an older synonym of B. drappieri Breuning, 1957 nov. syn., whose type is recognised here

Francesco Vitali
The real taxonomic position of Spondylis florissantensis Wickham, 1920 (Coleoptera Cerambycidae)

The taxonomic position of Protospondylis florissantensis (Wickham, 1920), Florissant, Oligocene, is analysed. The genus Protospondylis Linsley, 1942 has resulted to be a younger synonym of Parandra Latreille, 1804, whose synonymy is here proposed. Accordingly, Protospondylis florissantensis becomes Parandra florissantensis (Wickham, 1920) nov. comb.

ISBN-10 88-87400-02-4; ISBN-13 978-88-87400-02-1
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Entomapeiron Paleoentomology 1(1): 1-12

Francesco Vitali
A new cerambycid from Dominican amber and remarks on the fossil Plectromerus -species (Coleoptera Cerambycidae)

A new fossil cerambycid species, Pterolophosoma otiliae nov. gen. nov. sp. (Lamiinae), included in Dominican amber (Lower Miocene) is described. The systematic position of this extinct entity among Lamiinae is discussed but it remains still questionable. Biologic data are proposed.
Remarks about a second known specimen of Plectromerus tertiarius Vitali, 2004 and of P. grimaldii Nearns & Branham, 2005 (Cerambycinae, Curiini) are added to their original descriptions. New reconstructions of the habitus and anatomic features of both species are provided.

ISBN-10 88-87400-01-6; ISBN-13 978-88-87400-01-4
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