Long papers are published in multi-volume issues. Authors of long monographs are proposed to the realisation of a book. Short manuscripts are considered to fill blank pages in multi-paper issues.
All manuscripts will be subjected to peer review before acceptance. Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts by e-mail as attachments to the Publishing House. If you do not have access to e-mail you can send manuscript and pictures in a CD. Please follow the above basic guidelines.

All papers must be written in English with summary in a European language. Authors whose native language is not English are encouraged to submit their manuscripts to a native English-speaker before submission. Deposition of types in public collections is encouraged but not required. Nomenclature must be in agreement with the latest ICZN.
Use as little formatting as possible. Matter size: A5 (14,8 x 21cm). Top and side margins: 1,5 cm; bottom margin: 2 cm. Font: New Times Roman. Size: Title 12 bold; Subtitles 11 bold; Abstract and Key-words 9 normal; other 10 normal.
The title should be concise and informative. The higher taxa containing the taxa dealt with in the paper should be indicated in parentheses: (Order, Family).
The name(s) of the author(s) must be typed in small capitals (e.g. John SMITH & Jack BROWN). The address of each author is given at the end of the paper. E-mail addresses may be provided. Title and summary should be concise. Any new scientific emergence proposed in the paper must be mentioned in the summary. Summary and key-words are not needed in short notes.
The arrangement of the main text varies with different types of papers but usually starts with an Introduction and ends with the References. Author and year of publication of any animal or plant species must be provided when its scientific name is first mentioned. Metric systems should be used. The References should be cited in the text as SMITH (1999), SMITH & SMITH (2000) or SMITH et alii (2001), or in a parenthesis as (SMITH, 2000; SMITH & SMITH, 2000; SMITH et alii, 2001). All literature cited must be listed at the end of the text in the format of the already published papers.
Illustration tables and legends should be given at the end of the manuscript. Four colour plates as wide as a page are offered. For further information check on the web-site www.vitalieghianda.it/entomapeiron

Submission of the paper must be accompanied with a list of five potential reviewers with their complete postal and email addresses.
When a manuscript is received, the Editor will have it reviewed by at least two peers qualified to evaluate the manuscript. The reviewing process will normally take one month or longer, depending on the length of the manuscript and reviewers’ responses.
Once the manuscript is accepted, final proofs will be forwarded to the author(s) for a latest correction.

Reprints for the authors:
Long articles

10 copies of each issue with cover: 40 €

10 copies of each issue without cover: 35 €

Short articles (up to 2 pages)

20 copies of the article: 10 €