Entomapeiron Neoentomology

Entomapeiron Neoentomology 2(1): 1-32

Francesco Vitali
Taxonomic and faunistic notes about the genus Olethrius Thomson, 1860 (Coleoptera Cerambycidae)

The systematic position of the species closely related to Olethrius tyrannus Thomson, 1860 is revised. Olethrius scabripennis Thomson, 1865 is considered bona species. It is also considered as an older synonym of Olethrius villosus Dillon & Dillon, 1952 nov. syn. Olethrius tyrannus Thomson, 1860 is considered as an older synonym of Olethrius brevicornis Dillon & Dillon, 1952 n. syn. and of Olethrius torresianus Hayashi, 1960 n. syn. A new subspecies widespread in New Guinea, Woodlark and most of the Solomons, namely Olethrius tyrannus salomonum n. ssp., is described. Olethrius laevipennis nov. sp. from Australia is described. Biological, faunistic data and a key to the genus Olethrius Thomson, 1860 are provided. The new genus Samolethriusn. gen. (type genus: Mallodon insularis Fairmaire, 1850) is introduced for Olethrius insularis (Fairmaire, 1850) and O. subnitidus Aurivillius, 1928. Consequently, the following new combinations are introduced: Samolethrius insularis (Fairmaire, 1850) n. comb. and Samolethrius subnitidus (Aurivillius, 1928) n. comb. Hypotheses of the evolution of this genus are provided. Rhaphipodini Lameere, 1912 n. status are considered as a separated tribe including the genera Mecosarthron Buquet, 1840; Samolethrius n. gen.; Olethrius Thomson, 1860; Mallodonopsis Thomson, 1860; Ialyssus Thomson, 1864; Agrianome Thomson, 1864; Rhaphipodus Audinet-Serville, 1832, Rhaesus Motschulsky, 1875; Remphan Waterhouse, 1836 and Paroplites Lameere, 1903.

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Entomapeiron Neoentomology 1(3): 65-80

Francesco Vitali
About the taxonomic status of some species of the genus Aeolesthes Gahan, 1890 (Coleoptera Cerambycidae)

Hoplocerambyx inhirsutus (Matsushita, 1932) is transferred to the genus Aeolesthes Gahan, 1890, as it was originally described: Aeolesthes inhirsuta Matsushita, 1932 rest. status. Pachydissus externus Pascoe, 1869 is rehabilitated as valid species inside of the genus Aeolesthes Gahan, 1890, as follows: Aeolesthes externa (Pascoe, 1869) rest. status, n. comb. This species is also considered as an older synonym of Pachydyssus frenchi n. syn. Aeolesthes? nishikawai Hayashi, 1975 is transferred to the genus Nadezhdiella Plavilstshikov, 1931, as follows: Nadezhdiella nishikawai (Hayashi, 1975) n. comb.

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Entomapeiron Neoentomology 1(2): 37-64

Francesco Vitali
Notes and taxonomic corrections to the Beiträge von Insektenfauna von Jamaika, Cerambycidae (Coleoptera Cerambycidae)

New taxonomic considerations and corrections are added to the Beiträge von Insektenfauna von Jamaika, Cerambycidae (Vitali & Rezbanyai-Reser, 2003). Four new species of cerambycids from Jamaica (West-Indies) are here described: Stizocera jamaicensis n. sp. (Cerambycinae Elaphidiini), Eburia (Eleutho) consobrinoides n. sp. (Cerambycinae Eburiini), Ataxia crassa n. sp. (Lamiinae Pteropliini), Estoloides (s. str.) medioplagiata n. sp. (Lamiinae Desmiphorini). Curtomerus flavus (Fabricius, 1775) is transferred from the tribe Elaphidiini Thomson, 1864 to Callidiopini Lacordaire, 1869. Eleutho Thomson, 1864 (Cerambycinae Eburiini) is here rehabilitated and considered as a subgenus (n. status) of Eburia Lepeletier & Audinet-Serville, 1830. According to the ICZN Art. 15, the tribe Prinobiini Vives, 2000 is considered as an inval. nomen. Elaphidion transversum White, 1853 is transferred to the genus Anelaphus Linsley, 1936, as follows: Anelaphus transversus (White, 1853) n. comb. Elaphidion jamaicense Fisher, 1932 rest. status is removed from the synonymy with Elaphidion tuberculicolle Fisher, 1932. According to the ICZN Art. 23.9., the names Cordylomera spinicornis (Fabricius, 1775), Philematium festivum (Fabricius, 1775), Lagocheirus tuberculatus (Fabricius, 1787) and Lagocheirus undatus (Voet, 1778) must be conserved. Consequently, Lagocheirus obsoletus dezayasi Dillon, 1957 becomes Lagocheirus undatus dezayasi (Dillon, 1957) n. comb. Styloleptus biustus fisheri Gilmour 1965 is considered as a younger synonym of Styloleptus scurra var. dorsalis Fisher, 1926 n. syn. Consequently, the presence of Styloleptus scurra (Chevrolat, 1862) in Jamaica must be considered as erroneous.

Francesco Vitali & Jean Haxaire
A new species of Plectromerus Haldeman from Jamaica (West-Indies) (Coleoptera Cerambycidae)

Plectromerus pseudoexis n. sp. , a new cerambycid species from Jamaica (West-Indies), is here described and compared with its closer congeners.

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Entomapeiron Neoentomology 1(1): 1-36

Francesco Vitali & Carlo Arrigo Casadio
Contribution to the Cerambycid Fauna of the Solomon Islands (Coleoptera Cerambycidae)

Twenty-three species of longhorn-beetles are recorded from the Solomon Islands, most of them resulting new for the recorded localities. Acalolepta mixta (Hope, 1841) and Jothocera tomentosa (Buquet, 1859) are new for the Solomons. Pelargoderus stellatus n. sp. is described. Dihammus lessoni sericeiceps Kriesche, 1936 is considered as a separated species from the typical form, as follows: Acalolepta sericeiceps (Kriesche, 1936) n. status. Dihammus blairi Breuning, 1935 is considered as an older synonym of Dihammus salomonum Breuning, 1938 n. syn. Dihammus griseofumatus Gressitt, 1952 is considered as an older synonym of Dihammus trigonus Gressitt, 1952 n. syn. Dihammus acanthias Pascoe, 1875 is considered as an older synonym of Dihammus fasciatus aurivarius Gressitt, 1952 n. syn. The subspecies Periaptodes frater salomonum Kriesche, 1936 n. syn. is considered as a synonym of the typical form. Batocera una White, 1858 is considered an older synonym of Batocera porioni Rigout, 1987 n. syn. The male of Pterolophia (Ale) biplagiaticollis Breuning, 1961 is described. Keys to the Solomon species of the genera Pterolophia, Prosoplus and Acalolepta are provided.

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